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When field rats and lab rats meet

Too often the academia and practitioners fail to cooperate with a view to achieving a common goal: building knowledge. We, the academia, often disregard practical experience as we arrogantly look down from the top of our temples of knowledge, which are too often little more than a shrine to our pride and vanity, a mask for our ignorance. We, the practitioners, often have nothing but scorn for the "academics" and we tag them with all sorts of pet-names. More often than not, there is a bit of reason on both sides but both sides also fail to step forward and cross the boundaries of prejudice. This story is worthy of attention in the sense that it is a token of how stretching out a hand to the other side can lead to mutual benefits. Too often scientist fail to step out of their labs or their computer desks and venture into the field. Too often those on the field refuse to let the scientists come to their turf, refuse their advice or their insights, moved by their on insecurity or some other reason. Here, an experienced photographer shared his sensational finding with the academics and this openness cannot be excessively praised. Kudos to both sides.

Check out Gonçalo Rosa's blog for some of his remarkable work.

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Reflex - Gonçalo Rosa Wildlife Photography

I put a considerable amount of my effort to improve my photography in learning from those who know what they do with their gear and I do this both by seeking to educate myself with podcasts and workshops, and by checking out the work of the pros. I thought it could be interesting if I could share some of the Profiles and Portfolios I stumble upon on the web. I decided to start by sharing the link to the blog of a good old friend whose work I follow and whose tips have been precious in my effort to improve my skills. I am sure that if you did not know Gonçalo Rosa’s work already, you will agree with me as to its quality. I bet that if you enjoy nature photography and follow the work of great nature photographers, you will come across his name often in the near future.

Link: Reflex - Gonçalo Rosa Wildlife Photography