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Chasing blue egrets

Over the short period of a few days I made a few incursions to check out whether the cormorants had already arrived for the winter season. Only on the last of those days I did see a few cormorants but my focus was already on a different species as I had had a few encounters with great blue egrets. So, soon I hope I can get back to the cormorants, particularly since the lockdown from April onwards really killed the rest of the last cormorant season for me. In the meantime, I though I could post a few egret shots, each taken in particular circumstances but taken in rather low light.
This first one was taken in early October, at 7pm, with the light fading away. So, forget freezing movement...might as well drop down the shutter speed and try to capture movement. It is not easy freezing the eye of an egret standing on mooring cables swinging in gale force wind as it shakes itself in its preening routine. It took steady hands to make sure that I grabbed the only opportunity I had to get this moment. The flat light was clearly unavoidable, but I kind of makes the shades of grey and dashes of black in the egret to stand out.


Nikon D500, Nikon AF-S 300mm f4, TC1.4

On a different day I came across this egret. Again, it was late in the day and, as it struggled to find some balance on ship moorings, I waited for the moment that the egret started to cross the cable perusing the water below. I find the background a bit distracting, as it is a bit busy despite being blurred. In such an instance, I would have preferred to use a smaller aperture because I believe that having the background more perceptible would render it less distracting, although more perceptible. It sounds a bit of a paradox, so I might be wrong but due to the poor light it was not an option (ISO 4000).


Nikon D500, Nikon AF-S 300mm f4

Whilst the previous photos were pretty boring, so far as colours are concerned, this third scene stood out due to the colours of the early evening sky. Yes, that the sky reflected on the water. I like the occasional minimalist photo...


Nikon D500, Nikon AF-S 300mm f4