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The story of the future starts on day 1

A new year is always time for important resolutions, those of a fundamental importance that always end up being neglected after the first few weeks or even days. Today I found this suggestion for an app in a post in and I though this could be a funny project to carry out throughout 2014 and decided to give it a shot. I am talking about the app “1 second every day” developed by Cesar Kuriyama in 2012.
It is curious that I read this post today, early in the morning (well, I did have a late start of the day...), when just a couple hours before, whilst tumbling around on my bed trying to find the will to get up, I was looking back into the past for long gone episodes of my life, reviewing them visually and regretting the lack of photographs of those moments. Yes, this app would have been quite useful back then. We often have photos of decisive moments such as births, weddings, parties, graduations, etc. However, the memories I am talking about are of the seemingly trifle moments, episodes, routines, places and people, all of them, though, a part of who we are. A long-lasting project, with a motive such as the one behind this app but over a longer period of time, would be an interesting one to pursue, even though the idea of retaining such visuals memories reminds me of Patrick Süskind’s (The Perfume) Jean-Baptiste Grenouille and his obsessive quest to trap scent. We’ll see... but I suspect that it is just a New Year’s resolution like many others before.

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